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The 2020 10th China New Retail WeChat and Social E-Commerce Group Buying Expo

发布日期: 2019年12月26日 Activity status: In registration Release date: December 26, 2019 Show information

结束日期:2020年04月18日 Opening date: April 16, 2020 Ending date: April 18, 2020

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road)

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The last China Shanghai New Retail WeChat and Social E-commerce Expo was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 30 to November 1, 2019. It lasted for three days. New retail teams at home and abroad, new retail coffees, micro-business agents, distributors, agents, social e-commerce platforms, community group buying platforms, thousands of new retail brands and tens of thousands of visitors witnessed the grand occasion of this exhibition. More than a thousand media conducted detailed reports on the "China Shanghai New Retail Micro-business and Social E-commerce Expo" before, during and after the exhibition.

Big names gathered: Malaysia SVO, WELLOUS, Malaysia CRESTHILL, Canada REAL SENSATION, Korea Fromula of beauty, Korea DIDINIKA cookware, Korea KISMILE, Korea DERMAFIRM, Japan LSIX6, Singapore Ronghetang, Japan's Golden Island, Taiwan Zhengguang Pharmaceutical, Switzerland Health Rimage, New Zealand NUXTEN, American CROWNPRO, Canadian Cygne royal Canada, Japan Concorde Manufacturing, Taiwan Xiangyu Biomedical, Dona Vera, Tongde Group, Wahaha Happy Nutrition, Hatchdo good district, sound, Fuyang, Hong Kong Peptide , Tianjin Shangmei, Jiuyitang, Shangshan Baicao, Infant Miller, Simmons, Naixin Rose Life, Many Districts, PAPK HA Pu He, VVU, He Shilan, Shangshan Baicao, Jinjiazhuang Jiulitian, Wanda Mountain, SHOYO light oxygen, EERYZEEI muscle system, Chuanghua Technology, Miao Zhilin, Fuerjia, Yunzhongke, Peak Yanyun, Zhongjian Hemei, 55LIKE, health world, Wesley, Qimu pillow, Tianxinyun, Heyang, Shendetang, Shandaotang, Qingyunshan Pharmaceutical, Yifu Biological, Liukang, Magic Password, Jinyi, Hongli, GOJOY, EASELIFE, Parkson Blueberry, Baihong Regenerative Medicine Group , Nature Balance, Monkey Brother Food, Guorun Jiuhe Qili, Jiuhetang, Hidden Age, BEABA Diapers, Miao's Pharmaceuticals, Yuanqi Granules, Qinge, Coconut Group, Dafang Kangyuanda, Smart Partner, Huada Precision, Chow Tai Fook VJT, Hengan Group, Minyousi MYUSE, Meiyan Tower, Weisanyun, Haitong Food, Zhurentang, Longxiang, Weifulan, May 5th visitor, Sweet, Shangshan Group, Ripple Winery, Baoqing Electronics, Alliance Broad, BEBEY YOMI, MIAILHE, Wutai Technology, Yunzhongke, Jiu Jiu Biology, Gao Fu Ji, LINSAQC Indigo Spring, Dr. Da Hong Ye, Chef Xing Bao, Oxygen Bubble, Yiyang Confluence, Lei Le Ge, Aurance, Hippo shopkeeper, flower swan milkshake, Danfeng Bailu, Xindiantong, Jintang Electronics, Quick Business Tax, Shansheng International, Fun Nest Toys, Zhenzhen Electronics, Health World, Jiashida, Tuntunmai, Kangshen Century, Wahaha Hadodo, Nine Code Import and Export, Nine Points Health, Ai Rong Tang, Mina Technology, Broad Health, Caucasian Biology, Ji Ding Goji, Mu En Tang, Lydia, Kingdee, Hui Beauty God, Ding Shun Medical, Interlink, Tianju, Twelve Summer, Silk Road Fafa, Yinuo, Yunjing, EASpeer, Secret of the Kong Family, Miao Zhilin, Yingjia Medical, Vermeili, Xianruike, Yi Qifu, Sanjiang Tartary Buckwheat, Ruibao, Honey Key, Bacterial Spoon, Moxibustion Xiaobai, Da Wan Hanwei, Paul Bio, Long Travel Intelligence, Zhongjian Hemei, Dalupao, Hot and Spicy, Snacks, Famous Things, Tianzi Banquet, Commander Guo Weiwei Consulting, Saiwei Litong Crane Year Hall, Yinhua Bio , Guandao Technology, Miao Kang'an, Guangfa Bank, Zhang Zunjiu, Sammy Group, Yudawei, Zhengzhongping, Green Mountain Agriculture, Militon, SKYFLAG, Youqian, Baby Elephant Mobe, Yidan Biological, Beihai Well-known brands such as Zhen Fang, Wei Tuan, Ye Tuan, Shiqu Tuan, MY's own store, Youju Huipin, Xingxin Tuan, Single Creation ABM, Onion OMALL, Heilongjiang Commerce Department Pavilion, etc. participated in the exhibition.

Building on the success of the first nine sessions, we will continue to host the "2020 10th China New Retail WeChat and Social E-Commerce Group Buying Expo". We warmly welcome new and old customers to register for the exhibition! Let us work together to create a grand event for China's new retail micro-business and social e-commerce group buying industry.


April 16-18, 2020


Shanghai New International Expo Centre (2345 Longyang Road)

Organizer :

Directed by:

315 E-Commerce Office


The Organizing Committee of the 10th China New Retail WeChat and Social E-Commerce Group Buy Expo

Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


International Community Alliance, K Big Coffee, Peking University E-commerce Research Group, Commander Guo Weishang Consulting, Saiwei Litong (Mobile E-commerce 4A) Brand Marketing Group, Wuyazi Merchants Fission, Wang Jiushan Baidu Baping, New Retail China Association

Exhibition execution:

Shanghai Shengge Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Strategic Media Support:

Wang Jiushan Baidu Screen

Range of exhibition:

New retail platforms: social e-commerce, community group purchase and supply chain, micro-commerce, agricultural special e-commerce, community e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, etc .;

New retail beauty: beauty and beauty products, skin care, facial masks, lip care, cleansing, online red goods, OEM and ODM processing, etc .;

New retail and big health industry: nutrition and health products, tonics, functional foods, probiotics, enzymes, fat reduction and detox products, moxibustion products, plasters, toiletries, health products, bird's nest, vegetarian food, health products, personal care Products, men's health products, health tea, eye care products, velvet antler, gelatin, wolfberry, ginseng, eye protection, eye patches, private label and OEM / ODM OEM processing, etc .;

Maternal and infant supplies: diapers, infant clothing, early education, etc .;

Community group purchases: food, fresh, seafood, beverages, snacks, pastries, noodles, dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, meat, wine, drinking water, grains and oils, fruits and vegetables, agricultural products, aquatic products, maternal and infant supplies, toiletries, Oral cleaning, nutrition, condiments, dry goods, holiday gifts, food and beverage, beauty and fitness, leisure and entertainment, B2B supply chain, community e-commerce, community group buying platform, community distribution;

New retail terminals: smart specialty stores, unmanned stores, model stores, experience stores, vending equipment, self-service equipment, etc .;

New retail services: full case agencies, education and training, software developers, content developers, complete set hardware vendors, system vendors, self-service cash registers, self-service cash registers, communication / network connectivity technologies, Internet access technologies, and equipment Maintenance and remote monitoring, integrated services, publications and media, commodity distribution services and distribution equipment, logistics, warehousing, etc.

Concurrent activities :

The 6th China New Retail Industry Summit

The 2nd Shanghai Community Group Buying Supply Chain Matchmaking Conference

The 10th China New Retail WeChat and Social E-Commerce Expo Award Ceremony

China Short Video Creation Competition and Awards Ceremony

China Net Red Awards Ceremony

Participation costs :

Standard booth (Note: 10% fee for double-sided open booth)

Domestic enterprises: 14,600 RMB / piece / exhibition period

Standard stand: RMB 18,800 / piece / exhibition period

Foreign-funded enterprises: 25,000 yuan / unit / extension

Each standard booth / 9 square meters: Including (three-sided enclosure, company fascia, one table with two chairs, two spotlights, one 220V / 5A power socket, one booth covered with carpet, 24-hour cleaning and security.)

Indoor bare ground (Note: Minimum rent is 36 square meters, only exhibition space is provided, and no facilities are included.)

Domestic enterprises: 1400 yuan / square meter / exhibition period

Foreign-funded enterprises: 2500 yuan / square meter / exhibition period

Directory advertisement :

Cover: 36,000 yuan

Back cover: 30,000 yuan

Black and white full version: 5000 yuan

Front cover: 20,000 yuan

Full color: 10,000 yuan

Front cover: 15,000 yuan

Other advertisements :

Invitation cards: 20,000 yuan / 10,000 (invitation cards from 20,000)

LOGO wall LOGO position: 2000 yuan

Badge: 20,000 yuan / 10,000

Hanging rope: 30,000 yuan / 10,000

Exhibiting Procedure :

1. Fill in the application form for the selected booth and scan it to the organizational unit. The principle of booth allocation: "Apply first, pay first, arrange first";

2. Apply for the booth on the same day and pay 50% (all) of the participation fee to the organization; the final payment must be paid before March 16, 2020;

3. After the exhibitors have remitted various expenses, please send the bank remittance slip to the organization unit;

4. After receiving the booth fee, the organizer will mail the "Exhibition Manual" to the exhibitors one month before the exhibition starts.

contact details:

The Organizing Committee of the 10th China New Retail WeChat and Social E-Commerce Group Buy Expo

Address: 303, Block C, 168 Luoyang Road, Shanghai

Phone: 13601647855, 021-34080287

Contact: Yang Xue

WeChat: 18930339281

Website: www.smexpo.net

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Yang Xue

  • (Event organizer) 1 month ago

The 10th China New Retail WeChat and Social E-Commerce Group Buying Expo 2020 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road) at 9:00 on April 16, 2020.

China doll

China Dolls signed up for this event online on December 26, 2019 from Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

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