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江西源生狼和生物科技有限公司 [Guangdong Province] Jiangxi Yuansheng Wolf and Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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Evaluation Index: 注册资本: 590万(人民币) 经营模式: 生产加工 , 经销批发 , 招商代理 旗下品牌: 俏婴童 经营产品: 婴童护肤 , 婴童洗浴 , 婴童护理 , 清洁洗涤 官方网站: http://www.qiao-baby.com/ 所在地址: 广州番禺区南村镇兴南大道707号307房[查看地图] 商户管理: 源生狼和 (管理员拥有更新、上传、发布等相关权限!) 信息登记: 俏婴童 (2018年12月06日登记) Netizen score: Environment (9.0) Reputation (9.0) Service (8.0) Value for money (8.0) Overall score (8.5) Registered capital: 5.9 million (RMB) Business model: Production and processing , distribution and wholesale , China Merchants Agency Brand: Qiaoyingtong Product: Baby skin care , baby bath , baby care , cleaning and washing official website: http://www.qiao-baby.com/ Location: Room 307, Xingnan Avenue, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou [View Map] Merchant management: Yuan Shenglang and (administrators have the relevant permissions to update, upload, release, etc.) Information registration: Qiaoyingtong ( registered on December 06, 2018)
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Qiaoyingtong is a maternal and child care brand of Jiangxi Yuansheng Wolf and Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Based on the physical and skin characteristics of infants and young children, it adheres to the brand concept of "love from source care" and provides them with cleaning, protection A full range of high-quality maternal and child care products for repair.

Qiaoyingtong's latest "Pure Jane Series" products will use food-grade natural plant extracts, low-sensitivity formulas, and strictly follow internationally stringent standards, eliminating unhelpful additions, so that the baby will be more sincere and delicate. Is a new generation of young, quality-seeking parents trusted mother and baby care brand.

The brand legend of Qiaoyingtong is traced to the efforts of five years of persistence and innovation without compromise. Throughout the journey, Qiaoyingtong has turned infinite care into products and services, and enriched and safe infant and child care products. Has provided strong parenting support to many Chinese families. After 5 years of hardening, the original intention is unchanged, just to understand the Chinese mother better.

Qiaoyingtong brand is a high-end mother-and-baby care brand owned by Jiangxi Wolf and Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Wolf and Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. As early as a dozen years ago, Jiangxi Wolf and Biotechnology Co., Ltd. shined in the field of medicine. Its various drugs developed and produced have won many patents and awards. The opportunity for R & D of Qiaoying Tong's products originated from the separate second child policy that was opened in 2013. At that time, Zhou Xiaoping, the founder of Qiaoying Tong, has been engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. A wave of upsurge, but there are endless quality accidents of baby products on the market, which cause harm to the health of the baby. Even a well-known international brand baby product has also detected carcinogens. The safety problem of the entire mother and infant market is worrying, so that President Zhou is both worried and distressed. How can more babies use safe and cheap products? At this time, the idea of using pure natural raw materials to make products without additives sprouted from it, and also created the prototype of the current pretty baby brand.

Since then, Qiaoying has targeted the blue ocean market of future mother and baby products under national policy. With the senior background of the pharmaceutical industry, it has opened the voyage to provide quality care products for infants aged 0-3.

From 2015 to 2016, Qiaoyingtong focused on research and development, and cultivated intensively. Through long formula screening and tens of thousands of high-standard, multi-frequency scientific experiments, multiple batches of products were eliminated, and finally under high-standard professional production, Produced the first batch of baby care products. In 2017, the pretty baby products were planned to be launched in the market. Mr. Zhou found the Internet marketing giant. Mr. Ji Jiaxian, the continuous entrepreneur who had created tens of millions of performances, coincided on the brand concept and marketing strategy. Immediately working together, under the leadership of the two founders, Qiaoyingtong took the express train of the blue ocean market for mothers and infants, and developed rapidly in marketing, with online and wireless platform sales rising steadily. In 2018, Qiaoyingtong has higher expectations and goals in online marketing, dealer team development and brand promotion. Looking forward to the future, Qiaoying will not win, nor fear fierce competition. He will continue to work hard and strive to become a purely non-additive mother and infant care expert in China. Escort for Chinese babies and Baoma.

2013 Sailing set sail for the birth of pretty babies

In 2013, Mr. Zhou, the founder of Qiaoyingtong, founded the babycare brand Qiaoyingtong for safe and cost-effective products for Chinese babies. In the same year, a new model of product development + online marketing was introduced.

2014 high-speed development opened up territories

In 2014, Qiaotong brand was formally established. In brand promotion, strategic cooperation, independent product research and development, it has repeatedly experimented and innovated. For a more perfect formula, we collect the world's rare raw materials from the United States, Japan, the Mediterranean, and other places, and develop a pure and natural formula without supplements.

2015 Deep cultivation and quality first

In August 2015, the trademark of Qiaoyingtong (16634168) was successfully registered. Qiaoyingtong invested huge sums of money to build a modern factory covering an area of over 10,000 square meters, with an internationally leading fully enclosed 100,000-level purification workshop, a fully-automatic production line and high-precision manufacturing equipment and instruments. The international first-class professional biological scientific research team with 15 years of medical and pharmaceutical experience has developed a variety of infant and child care products to help enhance the brand's strength, and refined pure natural plant extract infant and child care formulas for newborn infants.

2016 glory forward brand takes off

In July 2016, Qiaoyingtong 16634168) trademark was officially operated and used. The parent company of Qiaoyingtong, Jiangxi Wolf, was officially listed in the national SME share system and successfully landed in the capital market. Lead Qiaoyingtong brand to become an excellent brand, and establish a good image for the company's standardized operation.

2017 new ideas new image new starting point

In 2017, Project Director Ji joined, and firstly proposed a wireless innovative marketing plan. Qiaoyingtong officially entered Jingdong, Taobao, Pinduoduo, Suning Tesco, Gome Online, Beibei.com and other e-commerce platforms with annual turnover of one million. At the same time, it introduced multi-dimensional coal body promotion to add points to the brand. The shape line of Qiaoyingtong continued to deepen, and the Q shape of Qiaoyingtong was used as the brand logo and became a WeChat expression. Increase public awareness. With the help of General Manager Ji, the Qiaotongtong brand Ⅵ and S 丨 have been comprehensively reformed to improve the overall brand recognition.

Brands leap onto the bigger stage in 2018

Qiaoyingtong's headquarters was relocated to Qinde Building, Xingnan Avenue, CBD, Panyu District, Guangzhou, adjacent to Wanda Plaza and Wanbo Center, which are home to many Internet companies. Start a new chapter in branding. A new series of self-branded washing and skin care products were launched in autumn and winter, and a new production line in the factory was officially opened. In terms of brand promotion, Qiaoyin is enthusiastically participating in events such as the Global Mother and Baby Conference and the Shanghai CBME International Maternity and Infant Exhibition, and has hired international breastfeeding experts to become special lecturers for long-term cooperation and sponsor public welfare activities in many hospitals in Dongguan. Solve problems for Baoma all over China. Help brand exposure upgrade.

Qiaoyingtong does not forget its original intention. The concept of fighting for the safety and health of Chinese babies will never change. With the rapid development of the domestic e-commerce market in China's mother-and-child industry, the habits of young parents on emerging mother-to-baby online shopping are continuing to grow. The Qiaoyingtong brand is equipped with express trains for mother-to-child and mobile e-commerce. Under the huge opportunities brought by the maternal-infant bonus, Qiaokentong is moving forward. Love from the source of care, adhering to a loving heart, become the tide on the Internet cusp, Qiaoyingtong has a bright future. Moving forward, the dream continues!

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Address: Room 307, Xingnan Avenue, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou

Phone: 020-31000450

Mobile phone number: 15949667164

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