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新疆合丰志通生物科技股份有限公司 [Sichuan Province] Xinjiang Hefeng Zhitong Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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  • Make daily home recipes healthy and warm
  • Eshan Spring is clear and sweet, and Longyanzhu is naturally elegant
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Evaluation Index: 注册资本: 3000万(人民币) 经营模式: 生产加工 , 经销批发 旗下品牌: 龙涎珠 经营产品: 有机大米 官方网站: http://www.17rice.com/ 所在地址: 成都锦江区东大街芷泉段时代1号2206号[查看地图] 商户管理: 合丰志通 (管理员拥有更新、上传、发布等相关权限!) 信息登记: 龙涎珠 (2014年12月29日登记) Netizen score: Environment (6.0) Reputation (6.0) Service (6.0) Value for money (6.0) Overall score (6.0) Registered capital: 30 million (RMB) Business model: Production, processing , distribution and wholesale Brands: Longyanzhu Business products: Organic Rice official website: http://www.17rice.com/ Address: No. 2206, No.1 Shiquan Section, East Street, Jinjiang District , Chengdu And other related permissions!) Information registration: Longyanzhu (registered on December 29, 2014)
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Xinjiang Hefeng Zhitong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, known as the “Southern Yangtze River”. The company is mainly engaged in the cultivation, processing, production and sales of organic agricultural products to create “Dragon Beads-Top Organic Life Circles” , Focus on customer experience, with word of mouth communication, circle marketing as the main sales methods.

In 2014, 50 million yuan of organic product plantation investment has been completed, and 5000 mu of organic rice and 3000 mu of organic wheat production bases have been established. The 100 million yuan investment has been set up for rice processing, packaging, six-star customer experience hotels, tourism, leisure and entertainment The "longyanzhu organic manor", which is an organic whole and covers an area of 150,000 square meters, was officially opened in August 2014 and is expected to be fully completed by 2015.

It is planned that by 2016, 20,000 acres of organic rice, 5,000 acres of organic wheat, 80,000 acres of garlic, and allicin and garlic oil will be built in Yili Gongliu County and Zhaosu County to build a world-class organic product production chain. Enterprise Group. In order to adapt to the development of the company, the company decided to set up a "Hefeng Zhitong Marketing Service Center" in Chengdu, in order to provide corporate customers with consulting, distribution, experience and other comprehensive services. Welcome dreams, ability, and commitment to organic and security Talents in the production and promotion of agricultural products come to challenge. The company will provide the most suitable positions, complete salary, training and broad career development space!

Miracle 45 °

45 ° north latitude, a geographical term engraved with history. It nourishes the world's famous wine-producing regions Bordeaux, France, Veneto, Italy, and high-quality livestock farming land in Hokkaido with the changes of the four seasons. Fertile aquatic plants and rich breeding resources were born on this line, and there are many in the world. Not many high-quality rice grows here, "late maturity, sweetness, and rich nutrition" make this line known as "the golden area of rice growth".

Miracle of Nature-Tianshan

Tianshan, this world-respected mountain has a reputation as a world cultural heritage. The Ili River Valley, known as the "Saiwai Jiangnan", is located here. The annual average temperature of the Yili River Valley is 10.4 ℃, and the average daily sunshine of 2900 hours forms the special natural climate of the river valley area. In the growth period of more than 200 days, it has completed the sacred mission of "only one season per year", and it is a long saliva. The heritage of beads gives life and value.

Overview of Ambergris Varieties

According to historical records, from the beginning of Kangxi's inheritance, Longyanzhu has continuously reproduced in the harsh natural environment of Xinjiang. Through the survival of the fittest, it becomes a unique breed that can only grow here. Its long growth cycle and natural environment make it rich in vitamins and proteins. Among them, the content of zinc and selenium is more than 30 times higher than similar high-quality rice. The plump rice grains and legendary cultural value created by pure ecology are the brand guarantee that Longyanzhu has received public recognition.

The growing environment for the cultivation of the harvested art amaryllis is harsh. From seed sowing to growth and harvesting, it must be actively nurtured in a natural way. From rice field sorting, seed selection, seedling raising, seedling transplanting, weeding, fertilization, disease and insect field management, to professional harvesting, processing, and packaging, there are production records in all links to ensure that every grain of rice is derived from nature!

Legacy Dragon Ball

In the history of traditional Chinese people's upbringing for many years, the quality is like morality, sincere and able to carry things, pure and able to be passed on to the world. As early as 35 years in Kangxi, Tianshan rice was loved by the royal family.

At the time, the Geldan rebellion was calmed down, Yili regained, and the tribal chief presented Kangxi with hand-cooked rice made from Tianshan rice. After Kangxi ate, there was no fatigue and the dragon spirit was more prosperous. He praised the rice as "the rice of life". And specially approved this rice for the royal dining room, then it was revered as "Tianshan Diamond Emperor Royal Rice". The deliciously nourished Tianshan rice made Kangxi prolong his life and his children and grandchildren. Nobles have imitated the "Xinjiang hand-cooked rice" made from it, making it a unique regional cuisine that has been passed down to this day.

The inheritance of the taste, after years of cleansing, passed away. Today's Tianshan Rice also has a unique title of deliberately inheriting the history of cuisine-Longyanzhu.

Enjoy natural, full of health and warmth

It is said that the magic at the foot of the Tianshan Mountain is the closest to the heaven-sent life. It is the taste of the mountains, the taste of the wind, the taste of the sun, and the taste of human feelings and the years.

The success of Ambergris provides better choices for those who love staple foods, and also adds color harmony to the order of three meals a day. Love is an innate ability. We hope that the staple food of love represented by Longyanzhu will make the daily family recipes full of health and warmth.

Use Emeishan natural mountain spring water to wash the rice. Put the rice in the water and wash it 1-2 times. Boil the fire in Asan spring water, put the washed rice, and cook for 25-35 minutes in a simmering pot. Cover the lid after it is cooked and let it lightly simmer for 2 minutes before serving. Asanquan is clear and sweet, and the dragon's bead is naturally elegant. Both sides absorb the best of each other in the slow and gentle atmosphere, which promotes the perfect taste of soft and waxy, smooth and sweet, and it can be eaten in all seasons!

Wash the clean rice with mineral water or pure water. Generally speaking, the most reasonable is 1-2 times. Then put it in a proper amount of water on the pot and cook. After the rice is cooked for 5 minutes, take it out. Use fresh beef tendon meat, with onion and dried spring onion, stir-fry the meat to 5 minutes, add cooked rice, stir-fry golden brown with low heat, and add a small amount of extra raw soy sauce for coloring. The pliable rice noodles are paired with strong beef, and the rice and meat are rich and seductive, which is mouthwatering in the shadow of green onions.

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Detailed address: No. 2206, No. 1 Shiquan Times, East Street, Jinjiang District , Chengdu

Phone: 028-64272258

Mobile phone number: 18140226527

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