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Children's happy holiday season bear big bear two air trampoline

Release Date: December 22, 2016

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Children's inflatable castles are mostly handmade, so the smoother the toy surface, the finer the workmanship. Parents should choose an inflatable castle toy with a smooth surface and no burrs to prevent the baby from getting stuck by burrs during play. At the same time, different faces of children's inflatable castles need to be cut, so sharp corners (such as square corners) will inevitably be generated during cutting. Then, children's inflatable castles need to be “chamfered” to solve the Cassia inflatable beach pool Sharp questions at each corner.

The 2015 new underwater world inflatable castle, based on the original design, designed the entrance and entrance into the shape of a rainbow arch. Two golden dragons swim on it. The red lantern in the middle is the icing on the cake. All of us yearn for a better life.

Underwater World Inflatable Castle was designed, researched and produced in 2014, and received good response from customers. There are also many manufacturers who "follow the trend". However, it is difficult for everyone to follow the example of Dong Shi and Handan.

If you choose the inflatable castle in the underwater world, you will choose a good and competitive product——Hengtaihua brand, which you can trust ~

The inflatable castle uses a professional raw material supplier, 0.45mm first-class thick, environmentally friendly PVC material. Professional designer production process: cutting, sewing (heat-sealing), gluing (beautifying), finished products. Use double open thread as much as possible to sew evenly and control the stitch length between 4.2 and 4.5mm. (It can minimize air leakage and increase the garbage strength of the sewing area.) The error between the width of the adhesive brush and the width of the adhesive strip does not exceed plus or minus 0.5cm. The connection between the shape and the large surface is maximized by the arc structure. The purpose is to make the force of the product uniform and increase the service life of the product. There is a certain safety distance between each two shapes and between the shapes and the guardrail. (1 meter) The product has realistic shapes and beautiful colors. And can fully guarantee the safety of the player.

After-sales service: maintenance glue and corner materials are provided free of charge within one year. Our company's after-sales service staff will solve the difficult problems for you in a timely manner. After receiving the customer information, we will give the customer an immediate treatment advice or technical guidance. Contact the customer within 24 hours and put forward handling suggestions based on the actual situation. Can use about 80,000 to 100,000 people. Distribution of appropriate fans, glue and repair materials. Good quality, excellent service and professional technology are our solemn promises to every customer. Let you invest zero risk!

This product is suitable for investment and management in parks, community squares, city squares, tourist attractions, large shopping malls, department stores, etc. It is a good project for your small business venture investment. According to our survey and customer response, an inflatable castle generally earns nearly 500 yuan a day. If put in a good place, it will earn nearly 1,000 yuan a day. Once put on the market, it attracted a lot of courage, and a large number of small investors rushed to report.

WeChat mobile phone: 13140141990 18738970976

Instruction and maintenance of inflatable toys

Installation of inflatable toys :

1. Place the device on a flat floor. It is best to place a pad under the device (such as a floor mat, plastic color cloth), and then unfold it.

2. Find the air inlet of the device, connect it to the air outlet of the fan, fasten the air outlet, and then fasten the spare air inlet with a rope.

3. Connect the blower to the power supply, and the equipment will swell in 5-10 minutes.

Installation of supporting fans:

1. Use national standard 1.5mm2-4 mm2 cable for a few meters to connect to the fan, connect the other end to an air switch, and connect an electric shock protector.

2. Before use, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the nameplate and the rotation direction is correct.

3. The cabinet should be connected to a reliable ground wire and regularly checked, and the air inlet of the fan should be protected by a protective net to avoid accidents.

Equipment cleaning collection:

1. Turn off the power and open the fan interface and exhaust port. The exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, and the remaining air must be squeezed. If the equipment gets wet due to rain, be sure to drain the water and dry it.

2. For cleaning treatment, you can use laundry powder to wipe off the stains and oil stains, then wipe them with water and dry them.

3. Fold the device, stop the front with the bottom, and cover it with a tarpaulin.

4. If not used for a long time, fold, bundle and clean the clean equipment. Storage temperature is generally between -50 and +40 degrees Celsius.

5. The fan should be protected from moisture and corrosion. Inflatable equipment should pay attention to preventing rat bites.

Maintenance method:

1. In order to ensure that your device reaches its normal life, you cannot participate in too many children's play when it is turned on. It usually accommodates a child of 3 square meters on an inflatable model.

2. The small shapes on the facilities play a decorative role, and children should not be pulled hard or torn apart to avoid damage.

3. When the child is playing, do not allow the child to scribble on the device with hard objects to avoid damage.

4. If the equipment is damaged, you can apply special glue to the damaged area and the spare PVC material. After 5 minutes, do not stick hands, glue it, squeeze it properly, and use it in a few minutes.

5. The air pressure on the device is too soft. Check for excessive leaks, tears, or power outages; the air pressure is too hard, and the air inlet of the fan should be blocked a little.

6. If a large area is damaged by abnormal use, the factory can provide professional maintenance services, or send it directly to the factory for repair.


1. Young children (3-6) are strictly prohibited from playing thrilling projects.

2. Avoid toddlers playing with older children at the same time, so as to avoid collision accidents.

3. The management staff should arrange for the children to play in accordance with the rules of the game to avoid accidents.

4. In case of wind, rain, snow, fog, hail, etc., it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment outdoors to avoid accidents. Instruction and maintenance of inflatable toys.

How do I buy it?

A: Please purchase the product directly after paying the full payment through Alipay after negotiating the details. Or pay 30% deposit in advance through the bank account, and pay the balance after we send you the photos of the goods for confirmation. You can receive your provincial capital on your behalf.

How is the product repaired?

Answer: If you think that the toy has a large amount of air leakage and needs to be repaired, the repair method is also very simple, just like repairing a bicycle tire. Only need to use the PVC materials and special adhesives provided by our factory to repair, free of charge within three years for customers who purchase our products, repair corners, non-human damage within one year, toys can return to the factory, we Free maintenance for you.

What raw materials does your product use?

Answer: Our company's inflatable products are made of a new type of PVC environmental protection material. The mesh in the material is a high-strength polyester silk warp knitted fabric, high-quality PVC slurry, which is applied on both sides of the mesh using a knife coating method. This material is currently the internationally used inflatable material. The product is equipped with: air pump, maintenance materials and special glue. This product supports customized size. If the style needs to be improved, please provide relevant pictures.

Q How long is the product life?

Answer: Generally speaking, a piece of equipment can use about 100,000 times. If you pay attention to the use environment and implement normal operation and equipment maintenance, you can extend the service life.

What are the product characteristics of inflatable toys?

1 Inflatable toys have a small investment and pay off quickly. 2 Inflatable toys are small in size and easy to carry. 3 Inflatable toys have exquisite appearance, novel shapes, diversified product play methods, and fitness puzzles. Also widely applicable to a variety of outdoor venues!

What are the precautions for using the product, and how to maintain the product?

Answer: Please ensure that the power supply is normal and the fan is working properly during use. If you need to replace the power supply or turn off the fan, first make sure that the children have been evacuated. Use this product near the sea or other windy areas, please fix the product to the ground yourself. When using, please make sure that the ground is level and free of sharp points and protrusions. A protective layer must be laid on the ground. Color strips available on the market can be used. During the use of the product, there may be stains on the product, which can be washed with a bath essence. Use a soft towel when cleaning, not a hard brush. When not in use for a long time, please keep jumping jumping dry and keep it in a cool and dry place. If it is exposed to rain during use, please open the product for the first time, blow it up with a fan, open the other fan openings, blow away the internal water vapor, and dry it properly. The product is sewn by a high-speed industrial sewing machine. It is not a sealed product. It needs the pinhole to run the air blower uninterrupted air supply to achieve the bouncing effect. Therefore, the product leaks and does not have to worry about the normal phenomenon. This product is in the form of continuous inflation, and the air supply is large. In order to make the toys have good elasticity, some parts of such toys need to leak air, otherwise the toys will be too hard to affect the entertainment effect!

Common faults and troubleshooting of inflatable toys

1. Pasting requirements

First apply the glue evenly to the place where the toy is to be pasted and the cloth, and then air dry for half a minute. Paste the cloth sample to the place where it is flattened and not warped.

2. The toy was scratched

1) The slits longer than 5cm should be sewn on the needle thread, and then pasted with a cloth strip or cloth pattern

2) Paste directly if the cut is less than 5cm

3.Seam opening

First stitch the opening with a needle and thread, or detach it from the bottom of the air cushion, and then stitch it together. You can use a paste method to handle the opening firmly, and consider the appearance.

4, beautification edge

Use a small brush to apply an appropriate amount of glue on the edge of the edge, and then flatten it tightly, and then stick it firmly.


Some easy-to-wear parts are easy to be degummed after long-term use. You can cut the fabric into different shapes and paste them at the degumming place.

6.Large air leakage

After the toy is used for a long time, because the pinhole seam of some parts is enlarged, the air leakage is greatly increased, you can consider sticking the cloth to the seam to reduce the air leakage. If the toy is too old, consider scrapping it to prevent business There is a problem.

7, the air cushion is locally abnormal

Generally speaking, the towel is torn from the air cushion. The bottom of the air cushion can be disassembled along the seam, and the ribs can be connected with the air cushion by needle thread, and then pasted with a cloth strip to protect the seam.

8. Maintenance common sense

1. Before the toy is deflated, clean the surface of the toy with a semi-dry towel, deflate it after drying, and store it in a cool, clean place. 2. If the toy is not properly stored and put in water, put it in a dry and ventilated place when it cannot be discharged. Blow it up and dry it until the water evaporates. Do not store it with water;

3. The blower should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture;

4. For long-term storage of toys, you should regularly check for moisture, and blow them up in a ventilated place and wipe them clean: please strictly follow the above requirements and take good care of your toys. Tamaki Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is willing to provide you with help within your ability. If you have other needs, please contact us in time.

Freight description:

Dear customers and friends, due to the different shipping costs in various places, when you take the baby, please contact us to modify the price, thank you for your cooperation. Buyers can only choose logistics (self-pickup). After the arrival of the goods, the freight station will call you. You just need to bring your ID card and freight to the local freight station to pick it up. Pay the freight directly to the freight station, and the freight station will charge it reasonably (often reputable by our company), please rest assured. Freight delivery is the same as prepayment. The advantage of cash on delivery is that the logistics company will take care of your goods more carefully because they have not received the freight, and ensure that the goods reach your place safely.

Special statement: In order to ensure the safe arrival of the goods in your place, when you sign the delivery note at the logistics company, you must sign it yourself. If the product is damaged due to careless handling by the logistics company during transportation, please contact the factory Do not rush to sign, otherwise the extra freight will be borne by the signatory. Remember! Remember! If you encounter minor abrasions that do not affect the use, please forgive me. This is long-distance transportation, and bother to sign for it.

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