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20 Thursday 2020-02
Wuhan million elementary and middle school students start online courses, unified lessons in the morning, personalized coaching in the afternoon, video playback when missed live broadcast courses, strictly control the online course time to protect students' eyesight
In the face of the epidemic, primary and secondary schools in Wuhan will unify "online classes" on February 10. On the 9th, a reporter visited and found that all the preparations for the official launch of the "Air Classroom" have been completed. Teachers have received centralized network teaching training, and students have also ...
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Biostime, which was founded in 1999, took only 11 years to go public. What prompted it to achieve rapid growth? As early as 2016, when Biostime only sold probiotic products, in order to better serve its customer base, it began to build its own membership system "Mom 100", using the "Membership" method, using continuous upgrades to return points to prison Lock consumers in firmly.
2019年10月07日 Management October 7, 2019
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In 2019, children's clothing brands face huge challenges, but also face many opportunities. On the one hand, with the upgrading of consumption, consumers have higher requirements and more demand for products; on the other hand, in today's fragmented mass of information, brand marketing is facing huge difficulties.
2019年09月30日 Management September 30, 2019
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No matter which market never lacks competitors, children's clothing brands are the same. It is not difficult to find that parents always want to do their best to give their children the best. They are no longer satisfied with the color matching, design and tailoring of clothing, and more people have started to seek sustainable fabrics and subtle elegance.
2019年09月23日 Management September 23, 2019
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On August 27th, Costco, a large-scale American chain member-based warehouse supermarket, opened its first store in mainland China. Due to the large number of consumers arriving at the store and the large number of people in the store, Costco had to temporarily announce that it would suspend business in the afternoon. As of now, Costco still controls the number of visitors, with a limit of 2,000 in the store, and the average admission time is 2 hours.
2019年09月01日 Management September 1, 2019
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With the increasing acceptance of goat milk powder by consumers, goat milk powder is ushering in a new round of consumption upgrade, and the market competition has become fierce-imported brands have entered the market strongly; domestic brands have accumulated a lot of money, and the head camp invites star endorsements and channels Service upgrades, big concept cards, and other strategies, you sing me out, there is quite a "contingency" posture.
2019年04月17日 Management April 17, 2019
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Excellent display can effectively increase the rate of shop-in and promote joint sales. Nowadays, there are more and more mother-baby shops. Some customers are constantly flowing, while others are unattended. Why is the gap so big? One of the reasons is the difference in the skills of merchandise placement in mother and baby stores.
2019年04月13日 Management April 13, 2019
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Taboo shop opening taboo! Did you notice these details? If the light is not bright enough, there will be an illusion that you are about to fail. If you don't want customers to have this illusion, then turn on the lights. Background music can increase the customer rate by 15%. I know you're not bad money, but the store without music is really scary.
2019年04月09日 Management April 9, 2019
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Nowadays, the market competition between mother and baby shops is unprecedentedly fierce, and the shops are also "eight immortals crossing the sea, each showing their skills." If you want to win in the competition, you must accurately identify the various problems that occur in the business process. Practice |
2019年04月09日 Management April 9, 2019
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Although e-commerce is rampant in the maternal and infant industry, and the transformation and upgrading of dealers is also imminent, and some maternal and infant dealers are in a state of watching the war, no matter what, at present all the remarks that have impacted traditional marketing are only in the stage of exploration.
2019年04月08日 Operations Management April 08, 2019
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"Post-60s produce food for mothers and babies, post-70s agents, post-80s open maternal and infant stores, and later 90s." He said with a smile during the new thinking dialogue of Henan Channel.
2019年03月27日 Management March 27, 2019
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With the increasing domestic and foreign financial situation and the competition pattern of the mother and infant industry, in late June, the largest and most active vertical mother-to-child community platform in China, Baby Tree, officially submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and started the IPO process trip.
2018年07月13日 Management July 13, 2018
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Semir's choice of children's clothing has brought expected growth. It seems to be working well. The official website shows that its children's clothing brand Barabara was founded in 2002, and its products are positioned in the middle class and the well-off family. At present, the brand recognition and market share of Balabara ranks first in China's children's clothing industry.
2017年09月04日 Management September 04, 2017
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The baby and child industry can be described as a huge cake. Hangshang, which is standing at the tide of entrepreneurship and innovation, has also smelled the business opportunities, and various baby products have gradually entered the public's vision. For example, Beibei.com, "Mochi Mom", "Where's Mom", etc., as well as dark technologies such as "little night light" that tells stories, and smart thermometers.
2017年06月14日 Management June 14, 2017
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In just 4 years, the annual sales of the Hanchuan stroller industry nearly doubled: from 780 million yuan in 2013 to 1.45 billion yuan last year. However, the profit of a baby stroller has dropped from more than 100 yuan in 2013 to dozens of yuan or even only a few yuan today. Sales are gratifying, but profits have fallen sharply.
2017年05月24日 Management May 24, 2017
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In terms of the integration of milk powder into the health products business, Biostime changed its name to Jianhe Group, which was a signal of a complete transformation to the outside world, but was overshadowed by the details of the agreement between its health brand Swisse and Procter & Gamble. Biostime ’s management announced the first quarter results that revealed that Swisse ’s future interests in the Chinese market may be sacrificed.
2017年05月24日 Management May 24, 2017
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The positioning of shopping malls is in the mid-to-high end, which also makes consumers have higher requirements and higher investment costs. In terms of venue scale, most of the children's playgrounds in the mall are over 300 square meters, and the equipment needs to be purchased and updated. It is also very fun. In addition, the rent level of the mall is higher than in the same area, so more investment is needed.
2017年05月08日 Management May 08, 2017
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Nowadays, the development of the children's amusement industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and opening a children's playground has also become one of the ways for many people to start a business. So, before opening a children's playground, the first step is to find a good shop.
2016年04月23日 Management April 23, 2016
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Everyone will have their favorite toys from childhood, so that some people can't give up in the process of growing up and getting old, and successfully make "toys" a career. We are telling the story of childhood and toys.
2016年04月07日 Business Management April 07, 2016
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A mother walked into a baby store with her baby. She was going to choose an infant formula for her baby. She had a lot of infant formula on the shelf. She did n’t know how to choose. At this time, the clerk recommended “A brand” to her. She still ca n’t rely too much on this product. After all, ads for this product are rarely seen on TV. She knows little about this product, which makes her hesitant.
2015年06月22日 Management June 22, 2015
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From the husband-and-wife operation of “small hitting and smashing” online shops, to the new enterprises entering the e-commerce industrial park. The struggle experience of Longwan Dong Hanqiangs is undoubtedly a microcosm of Wenzhou people's participation in the Internet economy. Dong Hanqiang, 34, said that this year his online shop has an annual turnover of nearly 30 million yuan, and next year's goal is 50 million yuan.
2014年12月28日 Management December 28, 2014
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