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20 Thursday 2020-02
Wuhan million elementary and middle school students start online courses, unified lessons in the morning, personalized coaching in the afternoon, video playback when missed live broadcast courses, strictly control the online course time to protect students' eyesight
In the face of the epidemic, primary and secondary schools in Wuhan will unify "online classes" on February 10. On the 9th, a reporter visited and found that all the preparations for the official launch of the "Air Classroom" have been completed. Teachers have received centralized network teaching training, and students have also ...
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On February 13, the online education brand Mingxi Chinese sent an open letter to the parent group to discontinue operations and gave a solution to "transfer courses to other educational institutions". Up to now, the courses of more than 20 institutions such as Pea Thinking, VIPKID, Xueersi Online School can be used by parents to convert the remaining courses equivalently, and no longer charge parents.
2020年02月19日 Exposure report February 19, 2020
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Following the announcement of the institution's termination of the operation on the 13th, the founder of online children's quality brand Mingxi Chinese, Wang Jiashu, made another statement on the official WeChat public account, stating that there are currently 21 school education institutions' products on the course change list, and said With investment and acquisition opportunities, I can continue to do my best as a part-time worker.
2020年02月16日 Exposure Report February 16, 2020
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On the 13th, the online children's quality education brand Mingxi Chinese was exposed to a break in the capital chain, and many parents were asked to change classes before the class time was over. Some parents believe that the transfer courses are either mismatched or cannot be connected, and if the results are not good after the transfer, they may not be refunded. Another parent questioned that he continued to charge under the circumstances of the operation, which was suspected of fraud.
2020年02月14日 Exposure report February 14, 2020
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Due to respiratory failure due to new coronary pneumonia, a 1-year-old boy Niu Niu (pseudonym) who walked in "Guimenguan" was saved by the Department of Critical Medicine of Wuhan Children's Hospital. He took home and continued to observe in isolation.
2020年02月14日 News headlines February 14, 2020
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At 23:46 on February 11, the first pregnant woman diagnosed with neocoronary pneumonia in Chongqing was delivered by cesarean section in Chongqing Three Gorges Central Hospital, giving birth to a baby girl. It is understood that the pregnant woman is from Wanzhou, Chongqing. She is 25 years old. Her husband is also a confirmed patient of new coronary pneumonia. She is currently hospitalized and isolated in the emergency pneumonia area of Chongqing Three Gorges Central Hospital.
2020年02月14日 News headlines February 14, 2020
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At present, the Ministry of Education advocates “suspending classes without stopping school” and actively organizing forces to guide education departments and schools at all levels to carry out online teaching. The original intention is definitely good, but from the perspective of understanding at the grassroots level, everyone has a narrow understanding of the word “learning”. Now, basically, I think that the study of subject cultural courses.
2020年02月13日 Hundred Views February 13, 2020
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Recently, some netizens pointed out that there are improper expressions about civet in "Animal Encyclopedia" published by Wuhan University Press. On the 11th, Wuhan University Press Co., Ltd. responded that it had immediately notified all sales outlets across the country to fully remove the book.
2020年02月12日 Exposure Report February 12, 2020
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The Ministry of Education announced the postponement of school, and at the same time advocated the use of online platforms to "suspend classes without stopping, keep school", making online education hot for a while. Information support and security systems are being actively deployed throughout the country. Some online education companies have also proposed that in addition to the necessary bandwidth costs, they provide free online learning services, and settle in major media platforms to launch free live courses.
2020年02月12日 Hundred Views February 12, 2020
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In order to solve the problem of students' home study during the postponed start of school due to the epidemic situation, the provision of learning resources and learning support services required by the Ministry of Education has become an important work to support "non-stop classes". However, in the specific implementation, the "Changing without stopping" instruction has been frequently deviated, and some local organizations have organized school teachers to record and broadcast courses, and even copied the offline teaching model and started new classes.
2020年02月12日 Hundred Views February 12, 2020
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On the 8th, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine completed cesarean section for patients with new coronary pneumonia. A 35-week-old mother with severe neonatal pneumonia gave birth to a "Lantern Lantern". The boy's father named him "Xiaotangyuan". The boy's viral nucleic acid test was negative.
2020年02月09日 News headlines February 9, 2020
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"Baby, congratulations, you can go home." On the afternoon of February 6, at Wuhan Children's Hospital, five children wore masks and walked out of the internal medicine complex. This group of children is the first batch of five rehabilitation patients with pneumococcal infection in Hubei Province. The oldest of them is 14 years old and the youngest is only 2 years old.
2020年02月08日 News headlines February 08, 2020
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The reporter learned today from Wuhan Children's Hospital that the hospital confirmed two cases of neonatal coronavirus pneumonia, and the smallest confirmed baby was only 30 hours after birth. Experts in neonatal medicine at Wuhan Children's Hospital should consider the possible transmission of vertical infection between mothers and infants and should be paid attention to. The early newborn was born on February 2, 2020, and her mother was diagnosed with New Coronavirus pneumonia.
2020年02月05日 Exposure report February 5, 2020
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A few days ago, the state supervision and random inspection of 51 kinds of products such as children's shoes in 2019 notified by the General Administration of Market Supervision revealed that the hooded casual sun protection clothing 19594 produced by Wuxi Meiliangniu Children's Clothing Co., Ltd. was found to be unqualified.
2020年01月31日 Exposure Report January 31, 2020
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In the column of "News 1 + 1" on the evening of the 27th, Bai Yansong connected with Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to interpret the recent pneumonia of children infected with the new coronavirus infection. There have been many cases of children in the past two days. Now why are children increasing and are the viruses changing?
2020年01月28日 Exposure Report January 28, 2020
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At 04:00 on January 26, 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) reported 769 new confirmed cases, 137 severe cases, 24 new deaths (24 cases in Hubei Province), and new cured discharged cases. 2 cases, 3806 suspected cases were newly added. From 18:00 to 21:00 on January 26, five new cases of pneumonia were confirmed in Beijing, including a baby girl who was only 9 months old.
2020年01月27日 Exposure Report January 27, 2020
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Recently, some netizens complained on the Hefei 12345 government service through train, complaining that the baby herring on Qianshan Road was running. How can I get my money back? In July 2019, I paid 14,880 yuan for class time at the Herring Baby Early Education Center (Qianshan Road), for a total of 120 class hours. The contract stipulates that the class fee will be charged. At present, with 99 lessons still uncompleted, he was informed that due to the problem of venue leasing, the class would be suspended indefinitely.
2020年01月23日 Exposure Report January 23, 2020
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It's winter time, and it's the popular time of the year, "Apply for tuition for babies". Tianzhi Enlightenment International Children's Education on the third floor of Oaks Plaza flashed parents and children awake. On the 16th, they suddenly closed the door without saying hello. Everyone couldn't figure out why the business was so irresponsible!
2020年01月23日 Exposure Report January 23, 2020
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Changsha Customs released ??百乐宫网上游戏?? on the 20th. On the 17th, Xingsha Customs, a subsidiary of Changsha Customs, supervised and destroyed a batch of unqualified imported dairy products. The batch of dairy products was a batch of infant formula imported from the Netherlands recently by a company in the province and weighed 729.6 kg. This is the first batch of unqualified imported foods destroyed by Changsha Customs this year.
2020年01月22日 Exposure Report January 22, 2020
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According to the official website of the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, the official website of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health, the official website of the Guangdong Commission of Health, and the official Weibo of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health, as of 15:00 on January 21, new cases of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection have been added in China. The specific situation is: 3 new cases in Beijing, 13 new cases in Guangdong, and 2 new cases in Shanghai.
2020年01月21日 Exposure Report January 21, 2020
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Wu Huayan's charity turmoil, which attracted much attention from the public opinion, once placed the Chinese Children and Children's Charity Relief Foundation at the cusp of public opinion. On January 20, the Chinese Children's Charity Association issued a "Statement on the Handling of Wu Huayan's Charity Funds", stating that in accordance with the spirit of the Ministry of Civil Affairs' notification, it was decided that the charity funds raised for Wu Huayan would be 1004977.28 yuan on January 20, 2020. To donors.
2020年01月21日 Exposure Report January 21, 2020
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