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20 Thursday 2020-02
Wuhan million elementary and middle school students start online courses, unified lessons in the morning, personalized coaching in the afternoon, video playback when missed live broadcast courses, strictly control the online course time to protect students' eyesight
In the face of the epidemic, primary and secondary schools in Wuhan will unify "online classes" on February 10. On the 9th, a reporter visited and found that all the preparations for the official launch of the "Air Classroom" have been completed. Teachers have received centralized network teaching training, and students have also ...
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On the afternoon of February 14th, the first case of a new type of coronavirus pneumonia was discharged from the West Hospital of the Union Hospital of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (hereafter referred to as the West Hospital of the Union Hospital). More than 10 days ago, the mother gave birth to a baby boy in the hospital. At present, the mother is recovering well and her mother and child are safe.
2020年02月15日 Web Report February 15, 2020
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One of the main founders of neonatal medicine in China, Jin Hanzhen, a tenured professor and doctoral supervisor of the Pediatric Hospital of Fudan University, died of illness in Shanghai on February 7 at the age of 100. Writing the book, teaching and educating people is Jin Hanzhen's long-standing belief. He has been a centenarian for 80 years and has never forgotten his original intention: everything is for the children!
2020年02月10日 Web Report February 10, 2020
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Affected by the epidemic, the spring semester of elementary and middle schools was postponed. Although I want to return to the familiar classroom later, the children are not suspended from school. Many teachers feel they have become "anchors" and started the first lesson of the New Year online. In Wuhan, the most severely affected area by the virus, teachers at Jiangang Middle School began to organize online learning through the Internet.
2020年02月05日 Web Report February 05, 2020
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The world-famous NBA superstar Kobe has left fans who like him for three days, and Kobe's beloved wife Vanessa, who was immersed in pain, finally stood up and made her first voice after grief. Vanessa's post on her personal social platform made people tearful. Her husband Kobe and second daughter Jaina are her eternal love.
2020年01月31日 Web Report January 31, 2020
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Recently, many out-of-school training institutions in Wuhan issued suspension notices, in order to take into account the health of students, at the same time in response to the education authorities "on all private training institutions requirements for complete suspension" from 21 January. Wuhan Xueersi, New Oriental, New Channel, Giant Education and other institutions have suspended classes. Many institutions said that they will make up classes after the year. During offline suspension, students can study online.
2020年01月22日 Web Report January 22, 2020
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Recently, some netizens posted pictures and posted Weibo, saying that in the book "Treasure Life-Reading Book for Sexual Health Education for Elementary School Students" edited by Liu Wenli, a professor at Beijing Normal University, he proclaimed to elementary students that "no children are happy," and " "The Dink family" questioned the rationality of the content and whether the publication of the series was appropriate.
2020年01月19日 Web Report January 19, 2020
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Elementary school teachers in Ontario, Canada will hold a one-day strike on January 20. The Ontario Primary School Teachers Association said it had notified the provincial government five days in advance that staff in the Toronto, York area and Ottawa Carlton Parliament would resign. The federation also said that the strike will continue unless government representatives "seriously" consider reaching an agreement by Friday (17th).
2020年01月18日 Web Report January 18, 2020
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In the past two years, there were ??百乐宫网上游戏?? reports that Chinese young people exercise less a day, less than an hour a day, so their physical fitness has deteriorated. If a Japanese junior high school girl fights a Chinese junior high school boy, it will definitely be China This kind of speech caused a great uproar for many boys. Many people discussed it as impossible, but sometimes it seems to be the case.
2020年01月11日 Web Report January 11, 2020
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In this changing age, we are facing an increasingly unstable and unpredictable future, and increasingly complex global challenges require people from different backgrounds to work together to find a new educational method to adapt to the future. change. In the new era, "innovation" is the key word of the times and the key word of education. What is the future of education? What kind of picture is there?
2020年01月06日 Web Report January 06, 2020
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In the past month, a portrait of Aunt Mei has spread widely. People talked about her. In addition to resentment of the woman who was accused of trafficking in nine children, she also feared that she had not been arrested and was like a ghost. One day two years ago, Shen Junliang came to a village in the northern mountainous area of Guangdong. According to a trafficker who had been arrested, his child was trafficked through the hands of Aunt Mei, who lives there.
2020年01月02日 Web Report January 02, 2020
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On the morning of January 1, 2020, the reporter learned from the three tertiary first-class obstetrics and gynecology hospitals affiliated to Fudan University Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, International Peace Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Health Hospital, and from January 1 From early morning to 8 am, each of the three hospitals had eight "post-20" babies born.
2020年01月01日 Web Report January 01, 2020
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In order to call on the whole society to care about and care for children's visual health, and to promote children's and adolescents' prevention and treatment of myopia and health science work, the "China Good Doctor, China's Good Nurse" children and adolescents prevention and treatment of myopia prevention and health science popularization event was held on the 27th at Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou.
2019年12月29日 Web Report December 29, 2019
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"3 children, 2 kindergarten teachers, 1 chef, 1 security guard" has received widespread attention from a kindergarten in a mountain village in Guizhou. Netizens have called it "the most oblique kindergarten. The reporter recently visited this. Only 7 teachers and students Personal kindergarten, learn the story behind it.
2019年12月16日 Web Report December 16, 2019
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A national survey shows that between 2014 and 2015, 14% of elementary and middle school students (aged 6 to 16) in Germany participated in tutoring. Moreover, more than a quarter of parents do not need to pay for it, because they participate mainly in afternoon tutoring provided by public schools or other government-sponsored tutoring programs.
2019年12月09日 Web Report December 9, 2019
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Recently, nine-year school in Sangxu Town, Suqian, Jiangsu Province, gave out 50 troop trotters and carp as prizes. The first prize is 2 pig hoofs each, meaning "Gold List Title", the second prize is 2 big carps each, meaning "Yueyue Dragon Gate"! Winning students go home and let parents heat up the pot: really fragrant! School: Very good, and we will have some surprises in the future.
2019年12月07日 Web Report December 07, 2019
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Does drama education train professional drama talents, or is it a whole person education? Should Drama Education Begin at a Childhood? What is the stage of development of drama education in China and what are the development problems it faces? Yesterday, at the forum co-sponsored by Yanghua Drama and Long Kun Culture, drama education practitioners from China, France, Spain and Israel jointly discussed the problems of drama education.
2019年12月05日 Web Report December 5, 2019
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Beijing time on the 4th, Johnson & Johnson said on Tuesday that more tests showed that its baby powder does not contain carcinogen asbestos, which overturned the previous results of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
2019年12月04日 Web Report December 04, 2019
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According to the British "Guardian" reported on the 3rd, the British housing charity "Shelter" said that on Christmas Day, at least 135,000 children in the UK will be homeless and can only live in temporary shelters. This is the highest number in 12 years.
2019年12月04日 Web Report December 04, 2019
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In 2019, the world's lowest fertility record may be rewritten by South Korea. According to the "September 2019 Population Trend Report" released by the Korean National Statistics Agency on November 27, there were more than 70,000 newborns in South Korea in the third quarter of 2019, the lowest level in the third quarter of the calendar year.
2019年11月28日 Web Report November 28, 2019
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According to the Italian "New European Overseas Chinese News", there are fewer and fewer newborns in Italy. The Italian National Bureau of Statistics Istat's 2018 birth rate report shows that in 2018, more than 439,000 newborns were born in Italy, a decrease from 2017. 18,000 people, a decrease of nearly 140,000 from 2008. At the same time, the birth rate of immigrant groups is declining.
2019年11月27日 Web Report November 27, 2019
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