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20 Thursday 2020-02
Wuhan million elementary and middle school students start online courses, unified lessons in the morning, personalized coaching in the afternoon, video playback when missed live broadcast courses, strictly control the online course time to protect students' eyesight
In the face of the epidemic, primary and secondary schools in Wuhan will unify "online classes" on February 10. On the 9th, a reporter visited and found that all the preparations for the official launch of the "Air Classroom" have been completed. Teachers have received centralized network teaching training, and students have also ...
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During the Spring Festival, due to the dual factors of the holiday and the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the express delivery was not smooth. The baby milk powder purchased by Ms. Zhang, who was returning to the Chinese New Year on the e-commerce platform, was unable to arrive. Procurement, found that several maternal and infant stores have insufficient supplies, and their children need anti-allergy special medical formula milk powder is even out of stock.
2020年02月06日 Baby Food February 06, 2020
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Recently, New Oriental announced that it has donated 20 million yuan to the Red Cross Society of Hubei Province for the prevention and treatment of new pneumococcal infections in Wuhan and Hubei Province, including the purchase of emergency supplies such as masks, goggles, and ventilator. At the same time, the cold and spring classes of the New Oriental Elementary and Middle School will be free of charge to the children of medical personnel in Hubei Province.
2020年01月27日 Education and Training January 27, 2020
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At present, the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia affects the hearts of the whole society. The reporter learned from Yili Group that on January 26, Yili decided to continue to invest 100 million yuan, mainly for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hubei Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, patient treatment and recovery, medical staff care, etc., to provide them with Cash, product and material protection.
2020年01月27日 Baby Food January 27, 2020
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On January 23, Beinmei issued an announcement saying that the company expects that the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from January to December 2019 will be a loss of 65 million to 95 million yuan, and a profit of 41.116 million yuan in the same period last year. Among them, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in the fourth quarter of 2019 is estimated to be 10.9425 million yuan to 40.9425 million yuan, a year-on-year change of -17% to 211%.
2020年01月26日 Baby Food January 26, 2020
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On the morning of January 21st, Vtron Holdings (SZ002308) issued an announcement saying that the controlling shareholder intends to transfer the equity, and the transaction price is 1.456 billion yuan. After the share transfer is completed, Beijing Guoxin CIMC Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guoxin CIMC") will become the new controlling shareholder of VIC.
2020年01月21日 Education and training January 21, 2020
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It is not surprising whether Jiaman Clothing has been warned. The company's serious problems have already been warned by the Securities and Futures Commission. But the sponsors and auditors, as gatekeepers of the capital market, did not detect problems early, which is thought-provoking. If it is because the level is insufficient and the ability is limited, it is understandable; if you knowingly commit crimes, turn a blind eye to them, or even fight alongside companies to deceive the market, the nature of the problem is even more serious.
2020年01月19日 Baby Clothing January 19, 2020
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On January 16, 2020, the first phase of the China-US economic and trade agreement was released, which included some provisions on "dairy products and infant formula". In this regard, Song Kungang, Principle Chairman of the China Dairy Industry Association, believes that the terms of the agreement on dairy products and infant formula milk powder will not have an impact on China ’s dairy product production and consumer market, mainly for its formula registration in China. convenient.
2020年01月17日 Baby Food January 17, 2020
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According to Euromonitor research, the scale of China's toy retail in 2019 is about 83.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.93%; it is expected that in 2020, it will maintain a growth rate of more than 6%, and the retail scale may reach 89 billion yuan. Building blocks are the category with the highest proportion in the toy market. In recent years, the building block industry has undergone brutal growth and further shuffled. Some brands that focus on innovation and high-quality building blocks have grown up.
2020年01月15日 Baby Toys January 15, 2020
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New progress has been made in the ??百乐宫网上游戏?? that EF Education is selling its China business. Recently, according to Bloomberg News, Hillhouse Capital and Warburg Pincus LLC were invited to conduct a second EF Education China business. Round of bidding.
2020年01月10日 Education and training January 10, 2020
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This is a programming class that took place in Yangzheng Kindergarten, Tianshui City, Gansu Province yesterday. The students attending the class were some of the fourth grade students at Panjizhai School. It is understood that Yangzheng Kindergarten is an international kindergarten founded by Pan Shiyi and donated by the SOHO China Foundation. It was officially completed today. Instead of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, there are four courses for students of Panjizhai. One of the courses is programming.
2020年01月08日 Education & Training January 08, 2020
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Since the beginning of the year, the decline in the number of newborns has caused institutional concerns about the future development of the infant formula industry. Since then, this topic has continued to heat up, and even many business people have bluntly stated that in 2019, the size of China's milk powder market will decline, and that the industry will have a "cold winter" in 2020.
2020年01月06日 Baby Food January 6, 2020
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On the evening of December 27, the baby-friendly room issued an announcement saying that it plans to purchase 100% equity of Shanghai Zhiyile Trading Co., Ltd., and the final purchase of the equity proportion and transaction amount shall be subject to a separately signed formal agreement. The target company initially reached by the acquirer has a valuation of 58 million yuan.
2020年01月01日 Baby Toys January 01, 2020
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On December 25, the "Trusted Education Digital Identity (Education Card)" press conference was held in Guangzhou. As the first district (county) pilot unit in the country, Baiyun District issued the first national education card. Schools and an education guidance center covering more than 20,000 teachers and students.
2019年12月26日 Education & Training December 26, 2019
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On December 5, a proxy vote submitted by Australian organic baby milk powder producer Bellamy's shareholder meeting indicated that 98.92% of shareholders voted to accept an Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mengniu) a $ 13.25 per share offer 73.7% of the total votes have been submitted. This means that the acquisition of the largest dairy industry in China and Australia has been completed.
2019年12月08日 Baby Food December 08, 2019
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Toys R Us Toys R Us opened its first U.S. retail store after bankruptcy and liquidation at Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey on November 27. This store is linked to toy giant Hasbro. ), Lego and MGA Entertainment have set up an interactive store.
2019年12月05日 Baby Toys 2019.12.05
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With the deepening of China's breast milk research, the nutritional content of breast milk has been recognized by more and more consumers. In order to get the favor of moms, more and more formula milk powders on the market are now produced in the direction of mother emulsification. In this context, how to make the product formula closer to breast milk and promote the independent research and development and production of raw materials for infant formula milk powder has become the focus of competition in the field of R & D.
2019年11月29日 Baby Food November 29, 2019
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On November 25, Mengniu issued an announcement to acquire Australian dairy and beverage company Lion · Dairy & Drinks (hereinafter referred to as LDD) for A $ 600 million (equivalent to HK $ 3,187 million). According to the announcement, upon completion of the HK $ 3.2 billion transaction, LDD will become an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Mengniu, and its financial results will be consolidated into Mengniu's financial statements.
2019年11月26日 Baby Food November 26, 2019
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On November 22, China Feihe (6186.HK) temporarily suspended trading in the morning. The company said that in response to various queries in the short report issued by GMT Research, the company is actively preparing relevant materials to respond. In a responsible manner for the majority of investors, the company applied for a temporary suspension in order to protect the interests of investors to the greatest extent.
2019年11月22日 Baby Food November 22, 2019
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On November 13, Feihe (06186.HK) was officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with a price limit of HK $ 7.5. The market value of Feihe's listing on the first day before the release was over 66 billion Hong Kong dollars. As of press time, the total market value of Feihe has reached 66.37 billion yuan, and the total transaction value has exceeded 1.1 billion yuan.
2019年11月13日 Baby Food 13 November 2019
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Recently, a lot of friends consulted me about preparing to be an education and training institution. This topic is quite broad. I have done a bit of in-depth thinking recently. I have sorted out previously written articles and added a lot of recent thinking content. I have been working in the industry and entrepreneurship for nearly 10 years, so I have compiled this article. I hope that everyone will read it carefully.
2019年11月10日 Education and training November 10, 2019
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