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How do mother and baby marketers start the year? Start your new business in 2019 with the right posture

发布日期: 2019年02月25日 Source: Mother and Baby Industry Watch Release Date: February 25, 2019 Franchise

In the new year, all the marketers in the mother and baby industry may face a variety of heavy tasks. New year, there must be new improvement! The income of employees must increase, the profit of customers must increase, the sales of enterprises must increase, and the business of bosses must increase! The increasing demand urges us to explore new market areas, and this is also a problem for corporate marketing departments to use their brains to help bosses and companies focus on thinking. Colleagues in the marketing department can come up with a well-thought-out strategy at this time, and start a year of tough battles, then 2019 will benefit one year; otherwise, the boss and other departments think that lack of thinking and ability, and 2019 will fall into Relatively passive status.

So, how can marketers in the maternal and infant industry come up with a correct posture to start a new business in 2019 and be able to convince your boss, your colleagues and your customers? For this reason, the author summarizes the following four-dimensional analysis methods for reference by marketers in the mother and infant industry!

I. Market Development Prospects for Business

The so-called "three minutes are destined, seven points rely on hard work"! The extent to which this business can continue to grow and to what extent it can eventually grow is largely congenital. In my opinion, whether an industry is worth entering and worthy of long-term continuous investment depends on the three dimensions.

1. Market capacity: What kind of industry scale will produce enterprises of any size, it can be said that "small ponds cannot grow whales in the sea." Different market capacities have created different enterprises and have also achieved Different market patterns. Take Beinmei as an example. In the early years, it started from infant rice noodles, but it grabbed a certain percentage of sales in the industry scale of billions of dollars. In 2001, it officially entered the infant milk powder industry and gradually grew into a well-known mother and infant industry. enterprise.

2. Industry growth : In addition to looking at the size of an industry, we must also pay special attention to the market growth rate of the industry itself. For example, around 2008, China's smartphone market showed a double-digit growth, so it is not surprising that the corresponding manufacturers have achieved a sales growth rate of more than ten percent in those years. According to data from China Industry Information Network, the domestic infant milk powder industry increased slightly by 6.43% year-on-year in 2016, and the industry's growth rate is slowing. The main growth comes from the growth of high-end and ultra-high-end milk powder, so we saw Feihe, Yili Domestic brands, such as Shengyuan, have increased their premium and ultra-high-end milk powder to gain new business growth.

3. Profit model : Whether it is a brand-produced product or a trade wholesale and retail, what we earn is mainly the price difference of the product, which is relatively easy for ordinary people to understand and accept! In the Internet era, new business models are constantly emerging. Most of the time, a new business is not easy to find a clear profit model. For example, shared bikes have so far been struggling with how to manage and operate the deposit; for example, after a short run of new retail unmanned stores and unmanned shelves with capital support, I am afraid it is impossible to find a profitable way And hastily ended. Choose a proven profit model for a long-term career; or follow the tastes of the capital market, hype concepts and compose stories, and make a short-term speculation. What kind of profit model is ultimately selected is often tested by the belief and original intention of a company founder!

Analysis of customer needs

The enterprise is a social organization for the purpose of profit! Any kind of business earns corresponding operating profits by manufacturing certain products and services, meeting and satisfying the needs of customers. Successful businessmen are, to a large extent, unique in their vision and being able to perceive new needs that others have not noticed. Therefore, Superman takes one step ahead of schedule to achieve breakthrough development and growth.

1. Consumer demand : From the perspective of customer demand analysis, the most important thing is consumer demand analysis. After all, no matter your business is B2B or B2C, essentially any business is ultimately B2B2C. Make a profit after selling to every consumer. Therefore, if we can start from the final point of the business chain-consumer demand, we will have a clearer insight into future development trends. In terms of consumer needs, we usually use Maslow's theory of needs, including physiological needs, safety needs, emotional needs, and self-actualization. For example, at the current stage in the field of consumer goods, we are moving from basic physiological and safety Evolving in the direction of emotion and self-realization, etc., there will be a vigorous development of new concept brands with their own "IP" such as three squirrels and Jiang Xiaobai.

2. The needs of channel dealers: Compared with the very complicated functional and emotional benefits of ordinary consumers, there are many retailers and agents in the value channel of the product channel. In the eyes of retailers and agents, products are a tool to make money. If it is nothing but a big brand product, it is often a draining product for retailers and agents; if it is a small brand, it is more profitable for retailers and agents. Few companies' products can not only channel the channel merchants, but also bring considerable profits to the channel vendors. If they can do so, I believe that the enterprises will definitely open the market soon.

3. How do I please: After talking about the needs of consumers and channel providers, for the marketers of the enterprise, it needs to be carefully planned. In terms of product dissemination, in accordance with consumers' current needs, Slogan and advertising slogans are refined to disseminate the corresponding selling points; in the distribution of benefits, it is necessary to benchmark the general situation of these retailers and agents to meet the corresponding profit needs Too high and too low are not suitable. Too high will hurt the interests of the company. Too low will make the channel operator lack of enthusiasm, and it is best to be suitable. In addition, in terms of the specific action order of consumer demand and channel dealer demand, in general, if the company is strong, then the terminal will force the channel dealer after courting the consumer; if the company is of ordinary strength, then choose to meet the channel dealer before contacting Da consumers are more real.

Competitors in business

On the Chinese land, all areas reached by the private economy are free competition markets. As long as it is a freely competitive market economy, then there is no exclusive monopoly business! To enter a new field, we must find an opponent in this field. If we can defeat the opponent, we can defeat ourselves and surpass ourselves.

1. Finding business rivals: Sometimes it is not that the industry capacity and growth rate are not enough, nor is it that the consumer trend is not good, but that the business rivals in this field are too strong. For example, China's e-commerce has maintained rapid growth throughout the year, and more and more Chinese consumers are more willing to shop through the Internet. However, this field has rarely seen the growth and growth of new faces in these years. Helpless competitors like Alibaba and Jingdong Group are too strong, which is no longer comparable to ordinary entrepreneurs. Entering a new field, you must not only set yourself up as a stronger opponent than yourself, in order to stimulate your ambitions, but also be realistic, at least the goal that can be achieved through several years of struggle, so that the team can see the struggle. Hope.

2. Find the path of action: After finding the target competitors for our new business project, we have to start thinking of ways to surpass it. Whether it is an individual or a business, there is no perfect after all, there will always be weaknesses. Know yourselves and know yourselves. At this time, we must learn the way of business operations from our competitors, and we must also dig for corresponding business opportunities from our competitors. We can even find the slack spots of our competitors in the process of following them, so as to grasp Live opportunity to go beyond. Know your opponent and know yourself! After years of struggling to hear the sound of fire, it is possible to effectively formulate business development plans and thus formulate action paths suitable for the development of enterprises.

Fourth, what I have now

"It is necessary to look up at the stars and to be down-to-earth." Wanzhang rises flat! We cannot despise ourselves. We can grow ourselves through development in the long river of time. In addition, we cannot avoid the existing immature self-conditions. There are still many shortcomings. Any business seems to be the same. If you want everything, you often miss out on development opportunities, but if you are too risky, it is easy to fall into passive.

"Appreciating a wise, knowing those out"! In the author's opinion, the analysis of his own ability mainly includes these three aspects. First, what is the threshold for business? For example, investing in this business project requires indispensable fixed cost inputs such as capital, equipment, labor, and variable cost inputs such as marketing, performance, and management. It also includes various uncertain factors such as the involvement of competitors and expected operating risks The cost increase of the cost must be carefully considered to avoid negligence and overconfidence, which will lead to exceeding your own psychological expectations and becoming uncontrollable. Second, we must understand what else we are missing? After careful and rational analysis of its own conditions, it is necessary to know which conditions are not enough compared with the threshold for entering the industry. Therefore, at this time, you have to consider these lacking conditions, whether you need to achieve financing through financing, digging people, or integrating other resources. Third, think about whether you can get enough? A successful businessman should not be a "gambler", but even a bold and careful "actuary"! Between the trade-offs, we see wisdom. If the market opportunity is good, the market demand is strong, the opponent has the confidence to surpass, and its own strength can be achieved, then let it go boldly. Otherwise, it is wise to choose to give up properly!

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Reply to the subject: The new type of coronavirus "Children are not easily infected" is analyzed based on the current infection data. In the face of the epidemic, you must not be lucky. Parents need to give their children adequate protection.

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